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Highlight Publications

  • 2009
    • Angled Nano-tunnel Fabricated on Poly(metyl methacrylate) by Focused Ion Beam
      Nanotechnology 20 285301
      E. K. Her, H.-S. Chung, M.-W. Moon and K. H. Oh

    • Nanoscale Ripples on Polymers Created by Focused Ion Beam
      Nanotechnology 20 115301
      M.-W. Moon, J. H. Han, A. Vaziri, E. K. Her, K. H. Oh, K.-R. Lee, J. Hutchinson

    • Hemocompatibility of Surface-modified Si-incorporated Diamond-like Carbon Films
      Acta Biomater. 5 249
      R. K. Roy, H. W. Choi, J. W. Yi, M.-W. Moon, K.-R. Lee, D. K. Han, J. H. Shin, A. Kamijo, T. Hasebe
  • 2008
    • Enhancement of Electron Field Emission Property with Silver Incorporation into Diamond-like Carbon Matrix
      Appl. Phys. Lett. 92 193502
      Sk. F. Ahmed, M.-W. Moon and K.-R. Lee

    • Asymmetic Surface Intermixing during Thin-Film Growth in the Co-Al System: Role of Local Acceleration of the Deposited Atoms
      Acta Mater. 56 1011
      S.-P. Kim, S.-C. Lee, K.-R. Lee, Y.-C. Chung

Computational Science Forums (2009)
Between experiments and computational approach

  • On-line IT tools service for R&D, its application: 3D RP service Jeong-Woo Hong Feb. 19
  • A Monte-Carlo method for mutual capacitances Chi-Ok Hwang Mar. 20
  • K-Star and plasma simulations Jae-Min Kwon May. 14
  • Hanaro research reactor and material science using X-ray and neutrons Man-Ho Kim Jun. 25
  • Rich client platform for molecular information integration Woong-Sik Yoo Jul. 16
  • Nano Structure Analysis and Nano Facturing using SEM Jae-Pyung Ahn Oct. 8
  • Prediction of Thermoelectric Properties by using Computational Modeling Min-Wook Oh Nov. 20


Workshops (2009)


Lectures Offered (2009)


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